Livestock, Poultry and Beehives Insurance

Livestock, Poultry and Beehives Insurance


Insured under this policy are:

  • Cattle over 3 months old;
  • Equine species from 1 year to 15 years old;
  • Sheep and goats over 3 months old;
  • Pigs for breeding purposes over 6 months,
  • Pigs and swine of weight over 20 kg grown up for fattening purposes;
  • Poultry (pullets, layers and broilers), bred under intensive conditions,
  •  Beehives.

Under Special conditions could be insured:

  • Dogs;
  • Thoroughbreds and racehorses;
  • Ducks and geese for production of liver;
  • Other decorative and racing animals and birds.

The sums insured are agreed between the parties.

The animal species listed are insured against death and slaughtering in case of need resulting from a fire, natural disasters, an accident, or infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Additional risks are negotiable.

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