Public Liability of Legal Entities

Public Liability of Legal Entities


With this insurance the insurer is obliged, within the guarantees of the insurance amount specified in the contract, to cover the liability of the insured for material and non-material damage caused by the insured.

This insurance covers the legal liability of the Insured and his/her employees in respect of any property damage or bodily injury caused to third parties as a result of any act, error or omission in relation to the company business.

The insurance is signed on the basis of a proposal in writing duly completed by the proposer in a form approved by the insurer.

The policy covers the liability of the legal entity arising from events occurring on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria up to the actual  amount of the damage, but shall not exceed the agreed limits of insurance indemnity

The insurance amount is negotiated as single (for one occurrence) and aggregate (for the period of insurance).

The insurance covers:

  • Permanent disablement or death;
  • Loss of or damage to property

The insurer pays a sum not exceeding the insurance amount and expenses incurred for judicial proceedings against the insured party to ascertain his or her third party liability, when the insurer is involved in the proceedings.

The insured is required to notify the insurer of any circumstances which may lead to third party claims within seven days of the circumstances being brought to his or her attention.

The insured is obliged to notify the insurer within the same deadline of any claims made against him or her or of any payments which he or she has made.

 In cases of claims laid by the damaged party, the insured is obliged to demand the involvement of the insurer in the proceedings when this is permissible by law.

The insurer or a person designated by the insurer may, if authorised by the insured, represent him or her in judicial proceedings or in extra-judicial settlement of claims in connection with his or her third party liability when this is in the interest of the insurer.

A settlement between the damaged party and the insured party, as well as an admission on the part of the insured party of his or her obligations, have effect on the insurer if he approves them.

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