Personal Accident Insurance of Passengers in the Public Transport

Personal Accident Insurance of Passengers in the Public Transport


It is a compulsory insurance covers damages of the injured persons travelling in the vehicle in case of permanent disablement or death, resulting from a traffic accident. The policy is in force while the passengers are in the vehicle or while they are getting on or getting off it.
It is valid for those passengers in the public transport, who have bought tickets or season tickets or are entitled to travel free of charge.
The following risks are covered: death and permanent disability resulting from a traffic accident.
The minimum sum insured per passenger is specified in the Insurance code.
In case of insured occurrence the indemnity payable to injured party is based on the fixed percentage of permanent disability. In case of death the total amount of the sum insured is paid to the lawful heirs.
Transportation agents engaged in public transport of passengers with starting point and final point of arrival in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria shall conclude a compulsory passenger accident insurance at the inception of insurance interest. Inception of insurance interest shall be valid from the date of reception of license to engage in public transport or from the date of
expiry of insurance contract concluded for this particular insurance.

The contract for compulsory accident insurance shall be concluded for a term not shorter than one year.

In the case of occurrence of insurance event the transport company shall be obligated to notify the insurer. Notification can also be effected by the injured passenger or relatives thereof. The transport company shall be obligated to compile an accident certificate of the injured passenger with detailed description of the case. A copy or a photocopy of the certificate shall be
submitted to the insurer within 10 days of the occurrence of the accident. An accident certificate may not be compiled in case said accident has been recorded in an act of a competent authority on the control of the respective type of transport.

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