Motor Third Party Liability

Motor Third Party Liability


The  insurance covers the civil liability of owners and drivers of motor vehicles for any bodily injury and/or death and/or property damage they have caused with the insured vehicle to third parties, for which they are legally liable according to the effective legislation.

Territorial Coverage:  Having concluded Motor Third Party Liability insurance, the customer has the right to travel in European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), as well as Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland and .

Withaout payment of additional premium, a Green Card certificate is issued for all member states of the international Green Card agreement.

Period of insurance:  1 /one/ year

Limits of Liability

The sums insured are:

for material damages

up to  BGN  2 000 000 in case of any one event

for non-material damages

up to  BGN 2 000 000 in case of one injured person

up to  BGN 10 000 000 in case of any one event with two or more injured persons

The registration of a claim in case of insured event and covered risk under the MTPL insurance shall be done according to Ordinance No. 49 of 16.10.2014 on the Compulsory Insurance pursuant to Item 1 and 2 of Article 249 of the Insurance Code and on the Procedure for Settlement of Claims for Compensation of Damages Caused to Motor Vehicles, prepared by the Financial Supervision Commission.

According to the regulations of the Ordinance:

  • Upon the occurrence of an insurance event, at which damages have been caused to third parties, the insured shall be obligated to notify thereof the insurer in writing within 7 days, as well as to fulfill his relevant obligations as referred to in Art. 270 of the Insurance Code. The notification may also be made by the party that has sustained damage;
  • The insurer shall be obligated to accept and register each notification of an insurance event, as well as all documents certifying the grounds for the claim and the extent of the damage;
  • The insured shall be obligated to notify the insurer of a lawsuit filed against him in relation to his third party liability within 7 days before the first court hearing on the case. The notification shall contain information about the date, year and number of the case, before which court it is scheduled, as well as the amount of the claim. The insured shall be obligated to request inclusion of the insurer in the trial ;
  • In the cases where the third party liability of the insured is determined by the judicial authorities, following the enforcement of the verdict or the judgment, the rightful claimants shall mandatorily present to the insurer an attested copy of the enforced court acts together with the motives and an original writ of execution;
  • Agreements concluded between the insured and third parties that have sustained damages as regards the amount of compensation shall instigate an obligation for the insurer only in case they have been approved thereby or have been concluded with the knowledge and agreement of a representative as referred to in Art. 224 (3) of the Insurance Code. Agreements reached between the parties to penal cases concerning the amount of compensations on civil claims shall also be considered accords.

The following shall be presented to attest the occurrence of a road traffic accident:

  • Police report ascertaining the occurrence of a road traffic accident in case of bodily injuries;
  • Police report ascertaining the occurrence of a road traffic accident in case of property damages;
  • Statement of facts on motor vehicle accident, with no intervention of the police authorities;
  • Other legal ascertainment or certificate issued by the authorities of the Interior Ministry or
  • Bilateral agreed statement of facts, registered in due form at the Interior Ministry, in the case where only property damages have been caused and the same have not impeded the damaged vehicle from continuing its motion.


The following shall be presented for establishment of the grounds and the amount of the claim filed:

  • Evidences establishing that the insured who caused the damages has a valid Motor Third Party Liability insurance in the cases when the documents referred to in Paragraph (1) do not contain data thereof and the insurer can not establish officially this circumstance;
  • Survey report prepared by the insurer in relation to the examination of the damaged property;
  • Photographic evidences recording the damages;
  • Documents attesting the repair works made for the reparation of the damaged property;
  • Medical and other documents – survey reports, medical statements, certificates, epicrises, anamneses, reports of the Medical Consultative Commission (MCC) or the Territorial Expert Medical Commission (TEMC);
  • Attested copy of a death certificate, original certificate of inheritance and original writs of execution.

•           In the case when the provided documents are insufficient for the establishment of the essential circumstances regarding the mechanism of the accident, the insurer may require the provision of additional documents and evidences, issued by other competent authorities or parties. The above statement shall not limit the right of the beneficiary to present other evidences.

•           For determining the compensation the insurer shall also be entitled to request other documents necessary for the establishment of the circumstances regarding the occurrence of the accident, the grounds for payment and the extent of the damages.

•           At the registration of the claim the insurer shall inform in detail the person who filed the claim of the circumstances which should be established and the evidences for the establishment thereof. The request of additional evidences shall be done in compliance with Art. 105 (3) or (4) of the Insurance Code.

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