Medical Insurance For Foreigners

Medical Insurance For Foreigners


Insurance coverage:  under the Ordinance on the General Terms and Conditions, minimum insurance amount and minimum insurance premium and the rules of issue for the Compulsory Medical Insurance policy for foreigners staying for a short period, travelling or passing through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria /introduced on 13.05.2005, approved by Decree № 80/03.05 0.2005, amended and supplemented edition State Gasette 51/05.07.2011/:

  •  expenses necessarily incurred by the Insured or by a medical establishment for treatment and hospitalization in case of sudden, unexpected, unforeseeable indisposition, sickness or accident occurring during the effect of the insurance contract;
  • dental assistance where the insurance shall only cover emergency, sudden conditions;
  • documented necessary and advisable transport expenses for accommodation or moving of the Insured to a medical establishment.

Insurance amount: 60 000 BGN

Important information:

The Insurance shall not cover: the Insured’s expenses for treatment and hospitalization in case of existing chronic diseases of the Insured; hemodialysis and hemotransfusion; transplantation of organs, tissues or cells; planned neurosurgery, cardiological or eye surgery; in vitro fertilization; treatment of AIDS; hospital treatment of children with oncological diseases and people with mental disorders; treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction; mandatory immunization; cosmetic plastic surgery and any other cosmetic medical services; application of any unconventional methods for producing a favorable effect on the individual’s health; nonobservance of a prescribed regimen and/or treatment, simulation of a medical condition by the Insured, as well as willful deterioration of one’s health; preparation for and participation in sports competitions; fighting, attempted suicide or suicide, offence or any other activity prohibited by the law; deterioration of health occurring during detention of the Insured by the authorities or at a detention facility; earthquake or atomic or nuclear explosions, radioactive products and pollution there from, radiation (ionizing) irradiation; deterioration of health as a result of excessive or chronic intake of alcohol, narcotic, psychoactive substances or drug dependency, terrorist act or terrorist activity; participation in military operations and training or resulting from radioactive or chemical substances in case of uprising, riot, strike, lockout or any other similar actions, including emergency and disasters; health services, the need for which has arisen as a result of disease in the past.

Upon the occurrence of an insurance event, the Insured or the medical establishment providing medical assistance shall, within 24 hours, notify the Insurer by mail, telephone, fax or in any other manner deemed appropriate. The Compulsory Medical Insurance compensation shall be determined and disbursed by the Insurer within 15 days upon submission of all necessary documents related to the identification of the event and the amount of the expenses related to the treatment and hospitalization.

For additional information, please, contact the representative office of  OZK Insurance AD.

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